1. Biostacis
    Bristol, UK
  2. Brakken
    England, UK
  3. Centaspike
  4. Indidjinous | Centaspike
    San Francisco, California
  5. Decoder
    Bristol, UK
  6. DJ E
    London, UK
  7. Doom Poets
    England, UK
  8. Grief
    England, UK
  9. Ice Minus
    Bristol, UK
  10. Limewax
  11. Paragon
    London, UK
  12. Technical Itch
    England, UK
  13. Tech Freak Recordings
    Bristol, UK
  14. Tech Itch Limited
    England, UK
  15. Terror Cell | Layer 3
    England, UK
  16. Voyage
    London, UK
  17. Sol Invicto Comiti
    Los Angeles, California


Tech Itch Recordings England, UK


Drum & Bass label. Established 1993.

This is our Bandcamp Pro label store with Digital, Vinyl, CD, Merch & Streaming via app.

More merchandise also available on our main site.

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